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Simplicity is the ultimate complexity. | Passion can change the world. | Give customers what they never knew they needed.

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- We always have one eye on the future
- Great Quality-to-Budget ratio
- The code is yours to use (no complex licensing or putting you over a barrel)
- Professional Indemnity Insurance
- Passion and pragmatism
- Our experience and methods

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client success story

Cloud | Applications | Document Management | Bursary Management|
Lucid Ocean develops the administrative software that aids the foundation in filtering and moving applications forward through their selections process.
Bursary applications have been open since August and has received over 8000 applications.
Over the years, we have been there for more than 5000 students who have received bursaries. We hope these students work hard. You never know, perhaps one of these students will be working for us when they complete.

client success story

Innovating the Property Industry

Digital Signatures | Blockchain | KYC | Real-Time Auction | Cloud Application | Amazon AWS

Lucid Ocean provided us with a team that delivered. From the start, they guided and impressed us with their quick uptake of our existing product goals and features. They diplomatically and pragmatically advised on all aspects of the development.

Lucid Ocean continues to provide passion and dedication to our project and we have forged a great partnership where our product has grown into something that is simpler, more compact and the obvious result of good software development practices.

If you wish to take your current solution to the next level, Lucid Ocean is the company that will see your vision, guide you towards that goal and they will realize it on your behalf.

We continue to get great support and recommend Jonathan and his team.

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