A bunch of hard working, open, socially minded experts who care about software and how it works for people

Our Mission

  • Sustainable relationships

    We believe in WIN/WIN relationships with our clients. We strive for a sustainable eco-system for fostering positive growth and welfare in our software company.

  • For Social Change

    The modern world is changing fast. We are committed to championing software solutions that embrace every person, so no one gets left behind.

  • Quality Craftsmanship

    We are always striving to improve our abilities and this software company as a whole. From social projects, demo builds, prototyping and to open-source.

Code of Business Ethics

Lucid Ocean takes business, people and services very seriously. We continuously strive to maintain a high ethical standard when conducting our business.

We do not seek to destroy, buy out, or cripple competition. We abide by fair rules, and we conduct this software company in a sustainable and efficient way. We provide quotations, standards, work ethic, passion and ethical traits when conducting our business.

We always work with our clients, as if it is our business. We value our client's businesses as much as our own. We always strive to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our core values are

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Respect and Kindness
  • Focus on Customers
  • Sustainable Practices
  • Be Valuable

Lucid Ocean stands against corruption. No favours, intimidation, bribery, or any other form is accepted.

We do not ever give gifts of cash (or other) to any current, former or potential customer to enhance our position or to gain approval. We never accept gifts of any kind from current, former or potential vendors for the same reason. We do no accept offers of any kind (gifts, free usage of, receive payments, loans, special discounts). We abide by criteria for gifts according to our high standards and South African law.

Information is always treated as confidential, and we do not share, distribute or talk about projects and our clients in this software company.

We do not provide data, emails, lists, statistics of any kind to anyone else, other than the company to which it belongs.

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Lucid Ocean South Africa was launched in 2014.

Lucid Ocean was originally founded by Software Architect, Jonathan Crossland in 2004. Jonathan was involved as co-author of various technical titles in the early 2000's, including Professional Windows DNA, Professional VB.NET, Beginning VB.NET 2003.

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We are a Cape Town Software Development Company.

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