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Application Architecture

Business Intelligence

Statistics, Charts and Dashboards.
Export of data.
Key numbers via Email.

Enterprise Features

Security, Users and Audit Trail.
Database Import/Exports.
B2B/B2C Web Services.

Cloud Storage

Documents stored in a central location.
HDD space expands as you use.
Pay as you use.

Cloud Databases

Database back-up and restoration.
Load balanced.
Always available.


ClickToPurchase wanted a solution which offered great flexibility to clients. Integration with client websites on multiple levels, as well as an easy to use, simplified process was important.

We rose to the challenge and created the platform in record time, allowing the platform the flexibility required via widgets, JavaScript API and a cloud architecture.

The system is an ongoing development, with continuous integration and improvements. The platform enables Agents additional sales channels with an electronic exchange that is cutting edge and user friendly.

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IT growth in the Property Game

Lucid Ocean has developed many property related software over the years. The South African landscape is changing, as property software moves to the cloud, portals are growing, and small agencies are popping up everywhere. The current evolution of SaaS, PaaS and in general cloud solutions are providing a new technology basket for the property industry. Companies are experimenting with new ideas, solutions and process flow. Law and Government will follow suit.

As a custom software house, we have been approached by many in the property industry for solutions ranging from property inspections, plumbing, gas, beetle, property originators, auctioning, property CMS's and even online contract exchanges.

IPI (a property inspection franchise), B&S(property certificates), clicktopurchase® (an online exchange and auction)


We developed clicktopurchase® for the UK, Ireland and South African markets. The system is an ONLINE PROPERTY EXECUTION PLATFORM, with over £140m of property sales in the UK and Ireland

Non Profit and Social investment

Large business has a perfect opportunity to give back to communities and foster the growth of the country. The HCI Foundation is such a not profit, providing millions to those in need. One essential aspect of providing assistance to those in need, is allowing them to apply for grants and provide a workflow to manage the many applications that enter.

Our custom software solution provide the HCI Foundation with a cloud based application workflow system to aid them in managing the many applications. The system allows them to distance themselves from the traditional paper based approach, provide better analytics and process management of each application.

The HCI Foundation

We developed the Grants Application for the HCI Foundation, providing an entry point for those in need to apply for funding. The solution allows applicants to specify their needs, criteria and allows the foundation to manage each application.

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